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You hear it right!
After countless nagging,I've finally gave in into peer presure and started making a sequel.
I hope you're all happy now!
So go HERE and have some fun!

MSSC2 Has Finally Been Released !!

MSSC 2 Coming really soon!

2010-07-22 17:06:55 by Flashsoldier

Because of a high user demand (and current boredom) I finally got my self to make a new game.
Metal Slug Scene Creator 2.
The sequel is currently MUCH better then the original,with stuff like scrolling backgrounds,my metal music and other stuff that's currently in progress.

Here's a sneak preview of the scene selection menu.

MSSC 2 Coming  really soon!

Check whats comming soon...

2008-11-26 10:42:39 by Flashsoldier

There is a new project I'm making a couple of time now and finally it's ready to show it off a litl'.
So click here and click on the upcoming section.

That's all for now and more to come :)

There is a bunch of cool downloads on my site so I recommend that you go on my site and download some or all of them !!!

Right now there are four downloads and one in the making.
If you have eni requests for new downloads PM me.

So what are you waiting for go on my site and download them !!!

Your Name in my movie

2007-11-25 08:55:24 by Flashsoldier

The first one that will make a comment to my post,will his name be riten on a wall in a scene of my newest cinematic flash movie calld Bullet.

Here is a pic:

Your Name in my movie